Brick provides detailed underwriting analysis, alongside our affiliate, Mahorsky Group (MGI), to allow federal government contracting agencies to make better educated decisions concerning source selection. The process includes rigorous financial vetting, in addition to an in-depth backlog capacity and experience perspective for the prime and major subs.

Through MGI, contractors will be thoroughly analyzed and underwritten to meet the specifications of the project. We look to MGI’s network of over 350 financially strong, skilled and experienced contractors to develop customized teams to meet specific project requirements.


Specialized service for most difficult federal projects. Benefits include but are not limited to:

• Assistance in developing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with specific federal contracting entities, personnel and military facilities.

• Brick develops a comprehensive, project specific, capabilities package on each of our participating contractors and personally submits it to targeted government offices and locations matching specific project opportunities.

• The goal is to help our clients secure the most attractive federal projects through low competition and best value in order to ensure the government a quality conclusion, attracting the most elite contractors.

• MGI helps to mitigate the risk for contractors, while helping grow their balance sheets through these attractive projects, thus strengthening their companies. We monitor the project through completion by providing our Project Monitoring System.

Contracting Officers

Brick provides risk assessment at no cost to the federal government through the following:

• Alongside the Mahorsky Group, we pre-qualify contractors and assess their viability. By providing a comprehensive Brick Package analysis we not only have access to the contractor’s overall financial strength, but we are also able to provide insight on how different variables help with a successful construction project. This puts us in the unique position of recommending the strongest possible team for each individual opportunity. 

• Having a vast network of contractors, MGI is able to identify teams, as well as help hit small business goals. We are able to provide small business/set-aside firms from any geographical destinations that can compete toe to toe with large contracting firms, such as: 8(a), HUBZone, SDVOSB, Women-Owned and numerous Tribal firms.

• One of our most effective risk mitigation tools is our Project Monitoring System (PMS). We effectively monitoring projects weekly, through completion, to ensure the best possible outcome. Everybody wins with an on time, on budget and drama free project.