Bonding contractors of character and integrity

About MGI

Mahorsky Group is a surety bond agency, operating nationally, that supports all types of construction with a unique knowledge in federal contracting. We excel at stretching single job opportunities, securing larger aggregate bond programs and providing overall surety support that is unmatched in our industry. Our clients are rewarded with bond programs that are unattainable elsewhere.


Brick provides federal agencies with tools to mitigate contractor risk during the source selection process, and shepherds the project through completion. Alongside Mahorsky Group, we use our years of experience to conduct an in-depth strength analysis and reduce risk to all entities involved, including the Federal government, surety and contractor.

Message from Scott

“MGI manages risk at an unprecedented level for elite contractors of character and integrity. I’m proud of our work ethic and unique surety vision.”

Scott Mahorsky, President