1. Bonds Only

MGI isn’t an insurance agency. We’re not a bank either. We are a bond agency. It’s all we do & all our efforts & relationships are focussed on supporting our contractors’ surety programs. Our belief is if we’re going to maximize effectiveness, we can’t be distracted by insurance renewals or selling our clients financial products. Simply, there isn’t enough time in the day. Our goal is to be the best at 1 discipline – surety. Not average at a bunch of things.

2. Technical Ability & Experience

MGI maintains more surety experience internally than some bonding companies. Leading the charge are owners Russ Wilson & Rich Dobbs. Both have 25+ years experience. Prior to MGI, Russ was AVP of Underwriting at Arch Insurance & Rich was a Regional Managing Director at Travelers. These gentlemen are huge assets – to MGI & our clients. They understand risk & help our contractors avoid it. In addition, there aren’t many techniques/solutions to securing approvals for unique job opportunities they haven’t seen.

Chris Hartung manages MGI‘s Pittsburgh office. She’ll be upset we disclosed her 30+ years of surety experience. Prior to MGI, Chris served as VP for a nationwide agency.

Jack Beecher – 43 years with the USACE and the undisputed champion of Small Business in the federal construction marketplace.

Office staff lead by Stephanie Patterson – we’re very proud of their work ethic & the ability to claim they’re at the top of our industry.

3. Partnerships with our Sureties

Vital to the success of MGI and our contractors. The strength of our foundation starts with the ladies & gentlemen who underwrite for our bonding companies. We truly view the overall relationship of contractor – agent – surety as a team. Trust & loyalty are requisite components.

4. Knowledge/Experience

If a project makes sense & possesses significant profit potential, we’ll figure out a way to get it done.