Jeff Revis

Director of Operations – Federal Program Teams

Jeff Revis

As the Brick Procurement Representative, Jeff brings a broad experience in federal construction management, and multi-trade construction projects allows Brick/MGI to successfully identify opportunities for a variety of our clients.  Jeff has been in the construction industry for over twenty years with extensive Corps of Engineers, DoD and General Services Administration Procurement experience.

Jeff graduated from Davidson College with a degree in Economics.  After college and a couple years overseas in Japan, Jeff returned and joined the family business, Revis Engineering.  He has been working in MEP-heavy general contracting and facility services since 1995.  Revis Engineering was successful federal prime contractor focusing on mechanical, electrical, plumbing and general projects, as well as having a robust service division that self-performed mobile and building services.  Jeff worked with a large group of federal agencies and had a number of task order contracts for service and construction, design/build and JOC contracting.

Starting in the field working on pipefitting, plumbing and sheetmetal projects, he moved into field supervision, estimating, project management, and then running divisions for general construction, specialty trades, mobile and stationary service.  Working within the business, he helped grow the company to a $20M business when he left in 2008.  With over 100 tradesmen from 14 unions spanning seven technical trades, the construction division expanded to over $12M a year, with a large service backlog of work and task order projects that lasted well into 2012.  He typically managed $3-5 million in projects personally each year, and his sales accounted for 50% of what was brought in yearly.

His federal customers wanted Jeff to be all-trades in-house, so he was exposed to a larger variety of projects than most.  In addition to the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering services that are typical, he soon found that success breeds repeat business but not always within your past experience.  Creativity in teaming was often required and encouraged.

At times we were fire alarm, asbestos removal, energy audit, project management educational trainers, and whatever else our customers needed him to be.  He worked in labs, packed offices, firing ranges, power plants, sensitive areas, occupied offices, and a variety of monuments, museums, and unbelievable spaces.  He came in to troubleshoot or take over the difficult projects, and frequently took on controls, balancing and auditing projects.  More recently, he had been called upon to survey, benchmark and propose solutions for energy savings and building efficiency that went well with maintenance programs and add/on projects.

His teams took a long view of these contracts, which were one to ten years long.  Always customer-focused, Jeff learned to create win/win situations over the course of the contracts and helped with planning, forecasting and prioritizing with the customer for ways that they could save energy, resources and money for their agencies and owners.

Since leaving Revis Engineering, he created successful sales and implementation teams for niche-market, commercial and large construction/service companies.