Jack Beecher

Operations Manager - Mid-Atlantic Region

757-995-5517 jbeecher@mahorskygroup.com

Jack is a lifelong resident of Virginia and currently resides in Chesapeake. After a tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968-1969, he landed a job with the Corps of Engineers Norfolk District in 1970 as a Surveying Aid. He has been with the Norfolk District ever since. Jack’s career with USACE includes 20+ years as a Contracting Officer and 15+ years as the Chief of the Norfolk District’s Small Business Program.

In FY08 Jack was named the SDV Program Coordinator by the CORPS Commander. That year the CORPS increased its SDV Dollars by 150% from $217M in 07 to $543M in 08. From FY07 ($217M) to FY10 ($900M) the CORPS has increased its SDVSB Dollars by 400%. In FY09 Jack was selected as the Army Small Business Specialists of the Year for his leadership in helping the CORPS have its best year on record in terms of total Small Business Dollars awarded – approximately $9.7 billion nationwide – as well as approximately $756 million in Service Disabled Veteran Dollars which led all Army Commands. In FY`11 USACE had its best SDVSB year awarding approximately $983M to SDVSBs across the US and exceeding the 3 percent SDV Goal by finishing FY11 at 5.17% of its total contract awards going to SDVSBs. In FY11 Jack was named, by the Small Business Administration, as the Virginia Veteran Small Business Champion for his leadership in this important Small Business category. In FY11 Jack was also awarded the Bronze De Fleury Medal by the Chief of Engineers for his leadership in the USACE SDVSB Program.

Jack is married. He and his wife of 43 years, Karen, have two grown children. They also have one grandson and one granddaughter. Jack enjoys the outdoors, sports, gardening, and is an avid Redskins fan.